Wrigley (Mars Inc.) is one of the world’s biggest chewing gum manufacturers, and the Orbit® brand has launched the production of a new chewing gum: Orbit® White Mega. The implementation of the project required an additional investment of 43 million rubles in modernizing the packaging efficiency at the factory in Saint Petersburg.

The main difference between the new product and the well known format of Orbit is the bigger size of the pad. One Orbit White Mega pad is 1,5 times bigger than the standard Orbit pellet, allowing chewing gum to acquire a more intense mint flavor. Each pack of Orbit White Mega contains 7 pads of a bigger size.

“We are always trying to surprise our customers and we continuously work on interesting ideas for new products, says Maher Batruni, General Manager of Wrigley in Russia, chewing gum in pads, according to our data, has always been a favorite format with Russian customers. That is why we decided to develop a new increased size of the favorite chewing gum with even more savory flavor. We consider that big pads with soft structure have a big potential, that is why we believe in our new product and hope that the unique taste of Orbit White Mega will leave no one indifferent.”

The Orbit® White Mega formula was developed by Wrigley employees in Chicago, and then it was adapted to the taste of Russian customers. The first product of Orbit White Mega line is being launched in mint flavor, which is the most popular one among the Russians. This innovation has already appeared on the shelves of Russian stores.


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