Mars invests in the local production development

Mars announced plans for the construction of the new waste treatment facilities and modernization of old ones on the factories in Moscow, Uljanovsk and Novosibirsk regions in the course of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. Implementation of the project is planned for 2018-2020, and aggregate amount of capital invested will come to 1.6 bln roubles.

“We are not marking time. Our Russian plants serve as a brilliant model of environmental friendliness and constant adoption of the modern technologies. Recently announced project of the construction and modernization of the new waste treatment facilities will secure our persistent and solid development in Russia during coming decades”, Valery Schapov, President of Mars in Russia, said.

At the time of the project completion, all the Mars plants will have a full cycle of industrial waste water treatment, including the most modern stage of biological treatment. Moreover, all-new and modern treatment facilities will be built at the plants producing pet food in the village of Luzhniki, located in the Stupino urban district near Moscow, and the Mirny village, located in Cherdaklinsky district of the Ulyanovsk region.

In the fall of 2017, Mars announced a new Sustainability plan, "Sustainable in a Generation." Within three years, the company has been investing about $ 1 billion in projects in the field of renewable energy, human rights, in the supply chain transformation (cocoa, mint and rice), etc.

Today, in Russia there are 10 Mars enterprises producing pet food, confectionery products, chewing gum and sauces for cooking. The production building of M&M's of the confectionery factory in Stupino urban district of the Moscow region has the Gold LEED Certificate. The newest Mars plant in the Rostov region is also built in accordance with the requirements of the Gold LEED certification


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